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Category: Low Carb Recipes

Crowdsourced Trending Low Carb Recipes

Keto Pancake Tacos

Low carb pancake tacos with a ground beef and chorizo filling. Who would have thought pancakes would make such incredible taco shells? And keto pancakes at that!

By healthy_foodie

Chorizo Taco Eggs

Taco Eggs! Chorizo, cheese, and eggs. Add some 0 carb hot sauce for a real kick!

By healthy_foodie

Baked & Fried Low-Carb Crispy Asian Chicken Wings

Gear up for the #olympics with these crispy fried Chicken Wings. Extremely low-carb and guilt free.

By admin_keto_me

Low carb nut free energy bars

Delicious nut free energy bars. Have one for a snack or two for a meal replacement!!

By nutfree

Keto Breakfast Hand Pie

Delicious keto handheld egg and cheese "pies." Great macros!

By healthy_foodie

Peppermint Vanilla Fat Bombs (No Coconut)

Quick and delicious fat bombs without any coconut. They taste like peppermint ice cream, and have .9g net carbs per serving!

By healthy_foodie

Jicama Fries

Seasoned Jicama Low-Carb Fries

Boil, bake, and fry your way to these delicious low carb french fries!

By healthy_foodie

Submit your Suggestions

Let us know what to make next! Submit your requests in the comment section.

By healthy_foodie

Lemon Vanilla Muffins

Quick low-carb Vanilla Lemon Chocolate Chip muffins! Delicious for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack.

By lowcarbdessert

Garlic Parmesan Gnocchi (Keto) & Fresh Basil

This one definitely takes some prep and a lot of work...but it's so worth it for a DELICIOUS low carb Italian night!

By healthy_foodie

Quest Cookies

A better way to enjoy your favorite quest bar!!

By Cookingquest

Fathead Pizza

Low Carb Pizza

By ketocat