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Cooking Method: Frying

Baked & Fried Low-Carb Crispy Asian Chicken Wings

Gear up for the #olympics with these crispy fried Chicken Wings. Extremely low-carb and guilt free.

By admin_keto_me

Jicama Fries

Seasoned Jicama Low-Carb Fries

Boil, bake, and fry your way to these delicious low carb french fries!

By healthy_foodie

Submit your Suggestions

Let us know what to make next! Submit your requests in the comment section.

By healthy_foodie

Garlic Parmesan Gnocchi (Keto) & Fresh Basil

This one definitely takes some prep and a lot of work...but it's so worth it for a DELICIOUS low carb Italian night!

By healthy_foodie

Vanilla Cream Cheese Pancakes

I personally think these pancakes taste far superior to the real thing, and they can be sweet or savory! Just swap out the vanilla for your favorite spices and voila!

By nutfree

Avocado Fries

Delicious keto-friendly avocado fries!

By healthy_foodie